Thirteen Foods That Could Be Killing You

Thirteen Foods That Could Be Killing You

It’s amazing but true. There are actually some foods that might actually be bad for us. No shock there, but some foods are so bad that they may well be killing us. Check out these everyday hidden kitchen killers.



The exact ingredients of the average hotdog are probably a complete mystery to the vast majority of the population. In fact most of us would probably rather not even think about what goes into them.

As well as the obvious combination of turkey, pork or beef “trimmings” hotdogs contain lashings of lovely fat and salt to help with the flavor. Like lots of other processed foods hotdogs also contain sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrate; two preservatives that are often linked to serious long term health problems.

Together with other serial offenders like bacon and salami, hotdogs are more likely to be linked to cancer than any other processed meats.

As if the effect on your body of digesting hotdogs isn’t bad enough, in some cases they never get that far. A study in the United States revealed that one in six choking incidents amongst children were caused by hotdogs.

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