Five Reasons To Eat Raw Food

Five Reasons To Eat Raw Food

A whole new arena of diets and advice has now grown up promoting the benefits of eating raw foods including fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Advocates have suggested eating food that has been cooked above 130ºF can cause numerous complaints and illnesses. A diet consisting of nothing but uncooked food doesn’t claim to be a complete cure all, indeed it might even leave you short of certain key nutrients, but increasing the amount of raw food in your diet can really help improve your well-being. Whatever your lifestyle though, here are five great reasons to get more raw food into your diet.

1. Maximize the nutrition in your diet

Max Nutrition

Some methods of cooking can actually reduce the levels of important vitamins and minerals in your food. In some cases, as much as eighty percent of nutrients like vitamin C and folic acid are removed. This means sources of these nutrients like kale, broccoli and cauliflower are ideally eaten raw. If crunching on these veggies as whole foods seems unappealing, simply throw them into a blender alongside your favorite ingredients.

It is also worth knowing that the cooking process can also actually help make some vitamins more readily available in our food. This means a combination of raw and lightly cooked vegetables makes for the ideal diet.

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