5 Things You Should do Every Day to Prevent Cancer

5 Things You Should do Every Day to Prevent Cancer

Many different factors play a role in your overall risk of developing cancer – everything from your genetics, to what you choose to eat. Many of these risk factors can be reduced with simple lifestyle changes. There are obvious changes, like stopping smoking which will reduce your risk of lung cancer by 20-30%, but also many subtle alterations that you might not have thought of before. Below are our top 5 things you should be doing every day to help prevent cancer:

1. Sleep more

Sleep more

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When you sleep your body repairs itself, and so a lack of sleep can increase your risk of being diagnosed with many different cancers. One research study published in the Journal of Cancer found that women who worked shift patterns had a 30% higher chance of getting breast cancer. There are a few different ways to improve the duration and quality of your sleep, such as making sure your room is completely dark and not using a mobile device one hour before bed. The amount you need to sleep varies with your age, but if you’re sleeping less than six hours a night, it might be worth trying to change things.

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